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Sarah Schwab: The founder of Health and Harmony Acupuncture

Posted in Interviews by Leza Raley-Labrador on July 8, 2009

biz_pic_020-3_jupk_q3gz_37f1_scbb_uj7j_8rfj_41ug_uaavSarah Schwab the founder of Health & Harmony Acupuncture, located in Los Angeles, has been working with me since September of 2008. Sarah has been an essential part in the success of taking back control of my health.

Finding internal peace has been a journey of mine for almost two years now. In September of 2008, I decided to take control of my happiness and my life. At the time I made this commitment to myself, I was the director of a talent and modeling agency based in Los Angeles, working twelve to fourteen hours a day and sleeping four to five hours a night. Due to my lifestyle at that time, I was experiencing migraines, weight gain, insomnia and mood swings. Two years earlier I moved to California, married the love of my life and had an exciting new adventure to look forward to. I should have been on top of the world but instead of enjoying my life, I felt as if  my life was spinning out of control.

Taking my life back has not been an easy journey but I can honestly say that today I am happy, pain free, loving life kwan72_3tan_9py3_z2ee_qsta_tld0_8fr0_5i5l_9wk1and enjoying every moment. Incorporating a healthy diet, mediation, acupuncture and balance into my life, I have found internal peace. The main ingredient for my recipe of success is my weekly acupuncture sessions with Sarah of Health & Harmony Acupuncture. Because of acupuncture I have not had a migraine for seven months; I am loosing weight, sleeping seven to eight hours a night and have increased energy. The benefits of acupuncture have allowed me to take back control of my health and lead me on the path to wellness. The most valuable and prized possession is our health. “Without our health, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the things we want to in our life, go places we want to go and do things we want to do”.– Zen Habits

Sarah Schwab the founder of Health & Harmony Acupuncture, a lifetime of curiosity has turned into her life path. Sarah has been kind enough to answer my questions so that I can share with you the benefits of acupuncture, what is acupuncture, the differences between Eastern and Western medicine, the controversy and the knowledge of a trained professional.

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What are the different styles of acupuncture treatment?

There are various styles that have developed through the centuries. Acupuncture migrated throughout Asia and Koreans and Japanese adapted the Chinese system into their own styles. The systems vary in perspective and therefore, which points are needled. One style is not necessarily better than another, and many practitioners incorporate several styles depending on the condition and patient. Acupuncturists tend to employ those styles that most resonate with them. (more…)


Melissa Keller: Empowering Young Women

Posted in Destination Peace, Interviews by Leza Raley-Labrador on June 23, 2009

001292124Most of our news and information that is fed to us on a daily basis about celebrities is more negative than positive. We need to recognize how destructive this information is and start to recognize the celebrities who are actively participating in change, making a difference in the fight for humanitarian, global warming and animal rights issues. Isn’t it about time that positive news outsells negative news!

Melissa Keller,  is one celebrity taking a stance for change. An American model, actress, and photographer and now, can add humanitarian to her long list of accomplishments. Known for her natural beauty and captivating smile, she has graced the covers of fashion magazines worldwide and in 2002, 2003 and 2004 was photographed for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Melissa has found success in the world of print, as a model and photographer and as an actress; she has captivated her audience in both TV and film and most recently playing Ingrid, in the 2009 film, “Love Hurts”.Angel Heart_1 (Cosmopolitan, May 2000 UK Melissa Keller P-Joe Chaves)

Melissa is joining her long time friend from Minnesota, Alita Watson, on her mission to help educate young women in Ghana Africa by taking part in the “Ghana-Mama” project.  The “Ghana-Mama” project is a unique educational experience that is part of Brilliant Future International (BFI), where a group of individuals travel to Tamale Ghana to help enhance the living conditions of BFI students, in addition to individual learning projects, where people have the opportunity to interact with these very special girls.  On July 3rd, she will travel to Tamale Ghana, to contribute her experiences and knowledge to the young woman of Brilliant Future International.  “All experiences I feel will have a profound impact on me and my life as I see it!”

How did you come to get involved with Brilliant Future International (BFI)?

My best friend, Alita Watson, from my hometown in Minnesota, is the founder of BFI.  Alita introduced me to this wonderful and inspirational project, at a fund raiser she held in Minnesota. (more…)

Alita Watson the founder of Brilliant Future International, Empowering Young Women in Ghana Africa

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Alita Watson the founder of Brilliant Future International (BFI), originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, has dedicated her life to helping impoverished people in underdeveloped countries. “BFI’s mission is to provide young, disadvantaged women the opportunity to attain their optimum life achievement and dignity. It does so by empowering them with access to education while meeting their individual and basic needs, through discipline, encouragement and monetary support.”

CIMG1369Alita has an extensive background in the medical field, along with a special interest in woman’s reproductive rights and education.  She has the skills, passion and determination, which will be the driving force and the success of BFI.  She is also the Director of New Site Development, for Smile Network International and has been an active participant with non-profit organizations for years, such as Planned Parenthood, and Clinica Naturista.

Recognizing an immediate need for an organization, which could support young woman and provide structure, guidance, basic necessities and education, Alita Watson developed Brilliant Future International (BFI), with the guidance and support of Mr. Albert Akiboula, who she met while volunteering with Yaro (Youth Action on Reproductive Order).  In 2007, while teaching reproductive rights and responsibilities to teenagers in the Northern region of Ghana, it became obvious that boys outnumbered girls in the classrooms.  Most of the girls that had attended school were withdrawn, hungry and exhausted.  The young women she encountered were orphans, and many were neglected and abused but still possessed a strong desire to learn.

Alita informed me, how most of these young girls were one of 8 or more siblings, and were responsible for the family and the household; cooking, cleaning, fetching of water and food, taking care of the their younger brothers and sisters, as well as the elders.  By the time these girls were done with their chores they did not have the energy to walk, sometimes miles, to attend school and that they needed to find the will to go on and make it.  Not because these young women did not want to better themselves or desire an education, they did, these girls have dreams of becoming doctors, nurses, accountants, and journalist, but because of family obligations, poverty and neglect, were not able to receive a proper education. “The women are the backbone of Africa.”SmileyBFI

Alita Watson, with the help of family and friends, is making dreams come true and improving the future for many young women in Ghana Africa.

BFI currently has 41 girls enrolled and excelling in their academics and communities.  Giving these children a chance at a new life, she is finding that they are not only excelling but have found freedom, their voice and the enjoyment of being a kid.  The girls who are neglected and abused are removed and placed in safe environments.  “I never want to be in a position where I have to say that is it, I want to see these girls through, to take this as far as these girls want to go. I believe empowering woman, is what will change the world.  I hope to duplicate this program throughout the world, seeing woman become leaders. ” (more…)

Peace Full Sail for EuroRock, ” Bringing The world Together”

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capyGuitarist and Rocker turned humanitarian, German born, Detlef Kowelewski, forty years of peace.  Selling everything he owns to set sail and take his dream by storm a visionary, rocker and man about peace, its time to step up and take notice.

PEACE FULL SAIL FOR EUROROCK co-founder Detlelf Kowelewski and Lou Ricca, whose mission is bringing humanity together in the name of peace.We want to bring as many different people together for world peace. Despite our differences of musical genre, nationality, color, looks, creed or political bent. We acknowledge we are of one race, the Human Race and we strive to make this world one.”- Peace Full Sail

Detlef Kowlewski, and LouRicca on March 8th, 2008 set sail in the name of peace. Detlef and his international band/crew set sail on an adventure, with their 54 foot sailing vessel; their goal was to sail from the coast of Africa and Europe for a two month trip known as PEACE FULL SAIL FOR EUROROCK.  During the voyage, they ran into problems with the boat ,but what is the old saying, “triumph out of tragedy?” While repairing their sail to continue on their Peace Journey, they ran into a horrible scene and turned their real life experience into a music video, for their hit song Refugee. (more…)

Joanna Krupa, Supermodel ” Helping those who depend on us the most: children and animals”.

Posted in Interviews by Leza Raley-Labrador on May 26, 2009

activist1Recently I asked a dear friend, photographer, Brie Childers, if she could introduce me to inspirational people, who are making a difference, so that I may interview them for Think Peace.  She had mentioned Joanna Krupa, as they are friends and have worked together on many occasions. I was excited at the thought of interviewing Joanna, since I know of her involvement with animal rights and when she accepted I was honored.

Born in Warsaw and raised in Chicago, Supermodel Joanna Krupa is recognized and respected worldwide for gracing the covers of today’s hottest magazines. She is also a recurring guest on Fox Business channel where she is featured also as business model and not just a supermodel.

This hardworking, inspirational sensation, who is one of the world’s most requested models, and who is in charge of her very successful career, in front of, and behind the camera, from fashion, television and film, also has a heart of gold.

Joanna who is currently gracing billboards nationwide for the incredibly hot fashion brand Ed Hardy Swimwear, makes time to stand up for those who are in need. Passionate about the rights for children and animals, Joanna is saying no to violence, hate and ignorance and yes to love, compassion, and change. (more…)