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Make Your Next Vacation Environmentally And Socially Friendly

Posted in Destination Peace by Leza Raley-Labrador on June 30, 2009

IMG_0303Green is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Eco-friendly, eco-conscious, we are all on board living and promoting ways to live an ultra fabulous life, while saving the Earth. The public has become increasingly aware of the effects of global warming. In the last year, people have become more prepared to consider their own roles and the need to alter their lifestyle and choices.

Discovering greener ways of traveling is just another way we can make a difference and help the environment. Travel that minimizes negative environmental impacts and, where possible, makes positive contributions to the conservation of life forms, wilderness, natural and human will have a profound impact on the environment.

Eric Heymann, senior economist at Deutsche Bank Research (“DBR”) in Frankfurt, Germany, published in April 2008 a research report entitled Climate Change and Tourism: Where Will the Journey Lead? Heymann believes the tourism industry will still be a growth engine in the world, experiencing average annual increases of around 3.5% to 4% in international tourist arrivals through 2020. If you would like to read the report, please visit: (more…)


Melissa Keller: Empowering Young Women

Posted in Destination Peace, Interviews by Leza Raley-Labrador on June 23, 2009

001292124Most of our news and information that is fed to us on a daily basis about celebrities is more negative than positive. We need to recognize how destructive this information is and start to recognize the celebrities who are actively participating in change, making a difference in the fight for humanitarian, global warming and animal rights issues. Isn’t it about time that positive news outsells negative news!

Melissa Keller,  is one celebrity taking a stance for change. An American model, actress, and photographer and now, can add humanitarian to her long list of accomplishments. Known for her natural beauty and captivating smile, she has graced the covers of fashion magazines worldwide and in 2002, 2003 and 2004 was photographed for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Melissa has found success in the world of print, as a model and photographer and as an actress; she has captivated her audience in both TV and film and most recently playing Ingrid, in the 2009 film, “Love Hurts”.Angel Heart_1 (Cosmopolitan, May 2000 UK Melissa Keller P-Joe Chaves)

Melissa is joining her long time friend from Minnesota, Alita Watson, on her mission to help educate young women in Ghana Africa by taking part in the “Ghana-Mama” project.  The “Ghana-Mama” project is a unique educational experience that is part of Brilliant Future International (BFI), where a group of individuals travel to Tamale Ghana to help enhance the living conditions of BFI students, in addition to individual learning projects, where people have the opportunity to interact with these very special girls.  On July 3rd, she will travel to Tamale Ghana, to contribute her experiences and knowledge to the young woman of Brilliant Future International.  “All experiences I feel will have a profound impact on me and my life as I see it!”

How did you come to get involved with Brilliant Future International (BFI)?

My best friend, Alita Watson, from my hometown in Minnesota, is the founder of BFI.  Alita introduced me to this wonderful and inspirational project, at a fund raiser she held in Minnesota. (more…)

Summer Camps: Enhancing The Life Of A Child

Posted in Destination Peace by Leza Raley-Labrador on June 22, 2009

HSNC logoCan you imagine anything more fulfilling then helping a child? Making a difference in the life of a child especially a special needs child, can be a life changing experience.

As a child I grew up with a cousin who suffered from developmental disability. What little I remember about my cousin Eddie was that I always felt he was left out or maybe it was that he felt out of place. He had several brothers and sisters and although he was surrounded by family, he always seemed alone. As I grew older Eddie moved away to New York and we lost track of each other.

I wonder what life would have been like for Eddie if there were camps for him to interact with other children, where he did not feel out of place but felt connected, and a place where others helped and supported a more normal life for him, introducing him to a world that was not out of his grasp but within arms reach.

Today there are camps specifically designed for children with special needs. These camps employee professionals who understand and are trained to take into account the physical, emotional, and social skills of children with special needs. The best parts of these camps are that the children with special needs are surrounded by peers in similar situations and nobody feels like an outsider.

With summer upon us, this is the time to get involved. For your next vacation, take part in a summer camp and help a special needs child. What better way to help then by enhancing the life of a child.

For more information on summer camps for special needs children and volunteering opportunities, please visit the sites listed below.

Volunteer in Morocco

Posted in Destination Peace by Leza Raley-Labrador on June 21, 2009

moroccan_children_webMorocco, located in northwestern Africa with coasts on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea; it is bordered by Algeria to the east and Mauritania to the south. It is a rich beautiful country, ethnically diverse, drenched in a world of customs and cultures.

Morocco which has been a crossroads between Africa, Europe and the Middle East for centuries, there you will find historical cities escorted by a cool sea breeze that will draw you to colorful markets, enticing your senses with intoxicating fragrant flavors of cinnamon, saffron, nutmeg and ginger, exquisite mosques, and intricate works of art. The architecture is a fusion of Arabic and Spanish. In the interior rising from the Rif into the Middle Atlas and on into the extraordinary contours of the High Atlas, you will find the snow capped Mountains. Beyond the mountains, lies the beauty of Morocco’s desert, unchanged simplicity.

Take a holiday and learn about this very unique part of Africa. Immerse yourself in the culture and its people, while giving back to the community. There are many volunteer opportunities in Morocco. Teach basic English, or computer skills. There are caregiving opportunities at orphanages and centers for physically challenged children. Empower both local community organizations and individuals with the tools they need to be self-sustainable, successful, and educated for their future.

If you are interested in Morocco, and exploring opportunities for volunteering and the specific needs of this country and its people, please visit the sites listed below.

Peace Full Sail for EuroRock, ” Bringing The world Together”

Posted in Destination Peace, Interviews by Leza Raley-Labrador on June 8, 2009


capyGuitarist and Rocker turned humanitarian, German born, Detlef Kowelewski, forty years of peace.  Selling everything he owns to set sail and take his dream by storm a visionary, rocker and man about peace, its time to step up and take notice.

PEACE FULL SAIL FOR EUROROCK co-founder Detlelf Kowelewski and Lou Ricca, whose mission is bringing humanity together in the name of peace.We want to bring as many different people together for world peace. Despite our differences of musical genre, nationality, color, looks, creed or political bent. We acknowledge we are of one race, the Human Race and we strive to make this world one.”- Peace Full Sail

Detlef Kowlewski, and LouRicca on March 8th, 2008 set sail in the name of peace. Detlef and his international band/crew set sail on an adventure, with their 54 foot sailing vessel; their goal was to sail from the coast of Africa and Europe for a two month trip known as PEACE FULL SAIL FOR EUROROCK.  During the voyage, they ran into problems with the boat ,but what is the old saying, “triumph out of tragedy?” While repairing their sail to continue on their Peace Journey, they ran into a horrible scene and turned their real life experience into a music video, for their hit song Refugee. (more…)